General Questions

Can I pick which cut I get each week with the CSA?
You are guaranteed one of each of our rotational cuts, so if you don't get your favorite cut this week, you will get it before your 4 weeks are finished, and if you have a half share or larger you will rotate again through the cuts every 4 weeks!
I missed my pick up. I'm going to be out of town. What do I do?
We understand life happens and we are more than happy to try and work out a solution to make sure you get all the food you paid for. 

If you don't reach out to us we will donate your food so it won't go to waste.
I can get a rotisserie chicken at Costco, Target, Walmart for X why do you charge Y?

Great question! Here are a few reasons.

  1. Those chickens are sold at a loss as an incentive to purchase more items at the store
  2. Our Organic, pasture raised, soy & corn free birds require more exspensive feed to suppliment there foraging.
  3. Our birds are rotated to fresh pasture daily. This is a HUGE difference from "Free Ranged Organic" which usually is still confines birds to large dirty buildings.
  4. Our heritage slow gorwing birds take 2-3 times longer to grow to weight. This increase costs on feed and labor. but makes a healthier better product
  5. We pay all our employees a living wage starting at $15. Buying our product help creat sustainable jobs.
  6. If you compare us to other organic chicken you'll actually find we are cheaper than most and on average tend to do more.

Will you take trade or let me work on the farm?
Sure why not.

We will take trade of most anything. Tattoo artist? I'll take some ink. Local chef? You cook it we'll bring the birds. Graffiti artist? Our buildings are an open canvas.

Send us an idea, well let you know. The worst thing we can say is no.
I cant afford the CSA I can't work, I have nothing to trade, and no disernable skills or talents. What can I do?

Oh wow.....

We are sure you're an amazing person, & have many talents.

We do offer cheaper weekly options starting at only $14.99, but we also understand that some people cant commit to that. If you are really passionate about eating better and more sustainably send us a message we will try and figure something out.

Payment & Delivery

What forms of payment does the shop have?

What about pick-up? Have a fancy graphic for that?


Hey I'm on a subscription and want to cancel getting your delicious chicken, also I think you're handsome. What do I do?

Thank you so much, you're not to bad yourself.

And don't worry cancel anytime. We wont take it personally.

Start Dates

I understand that the start date of each CSA share is flexible, based on seasonal conditions and product availability. I am aware that TunTum BlackHill will communicate via email to inform all members of updates and the official start date, and that it is my responsibility to contact the farm via email if I am not receiving notifications near the projected CSA start date.  

Picking Up my Share

Splitting My Share


Sharing The Risk


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