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FULL SHARE- Organic Fed Heritage
FULL SHARE- Organic Fed Heritage
FULL SHARE- Organic Fed Heritage
FULL SHARE- Organic Fed Heritage

FULL SHARE- Organic Fed Heritage

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 The freeze thaw cycle runs havoc on Minnesota roads. The constant expansion and moisture internally breaks apart the roads creating potholes, weakens the integrity, and just generally damaging our roads.
  The same thing happens when you freeze your food. This breaks down your food making it just not taste quite as good. When you subscribe all of our chickens our fresh never frozen so you know you are getting the best quality chicken around.

  Did you know over 99% of your chicken comes from one breed? This includes local organic chicken you buy at the co-op or at that fancy restaurant.That breed is the Cornish Cross. This chickens have been bred for over the years to grow as big as possible as fast as possible.
  These franken chickens grow from egg to processing weight in less than 5 weeks (Compare that to our average 9-12)! They grow so fast in fact that their bodies outgrow their feathers leaving bald patches. They gain so much weight so fast they get broken legs because they cant support their own weight. These birds routinely die from heart attacks, organ failure, and numerous other ailments from there extreme weight gain.
  I not only think Cornish Crosses taste worse than our birds but it is inhumane to raise them. These birds are not happy, healthy, or tasty. So we decided on our farm to raise slow growing heritage chickens.

  All our birds are raised on pasture. They roam the fields free and happily eat bugs and grass. This raises a happier chicken and a healthier chicken. These birds live their lives in the field and sun, not a barn or a shallow cage on grass.
  When chickens are raised on pasture they get to walk, run, and play. This develops intermuscular fat creating a better tasting chicken. This isn't something that you get with factory farmed chickens.

  Though our chickens eat bugs and grass on the pasture we give them supplemental feed to encourage a healthy diet and weight. We worked with a Minnesota Mill to locally source our feed and create a custom mix to keep our chicken healthy and happy.
  Some of our customers have soy allergies that prevent them from eating eggs from chickens fed soy or even soy fed chickens.
Soy and corn monocultures are not environmentally sustainable agriculture. So we decided all our feed will be corn and soy free. This has also allowed us to give our chickens a more varied diet as well.
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