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When do I get my first shipment?

Mid June. Give or take.

Our chickens are grown on pasture so we have to wait on mother nature to tell us when we can start and stop. 

Our first shipment is dependent on weather, pasture growth, chicken growth, and many other factors. So we cant gurantee and exact date for our first shipment until we get cloer to that date.

We expect mid June but it could be earlier and it could be later. We will e-mail you updates so you know where we are at, and let you know as soon as we have a solid date.

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What do I get each week?

Can you talk more about Fresh Fruits & Vegetables?

Of course!

Fruits and vegetables are not included in the cost of the CSA and are a BONUS gift from us when we have fruits and vegtables available.

We want to make clear that what you are purchasing is a chicken meat CSA. We do not gurantee you will recieve fruits and or vegetables in your weekly CSA.

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